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How many languages do you speak? One, two, maybe three. We are taught in today’s world of diversity that speaking more than one language is essential. So why then are we afraid to speak more than one language of music... Well not everyone is! Pop/Rock/Hip Hop/R&B/Alternative sensation Drake Murphy is breaking that mold as a singer, songwriter, producer, and arranger! People told him to pick an instrument when he was in grade school, but he did not want to. So now at age 22 he plays 13 different instruments fluently. What are they you ask? Starting from his favorite they are Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Drums, Synthesizer, Keyboard, His Voice, Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Trombone, Violin, Accordion, and Trumpet. He plays, writes, and produces all genres of music.

Where did this musical genius from Addor, North Carolina acquire so many gifts? Born to an accomplished and talented musician father, it was passed on to him through genes as well as hard work and instruction. Drakes father, Paul Murphy, a world known composer and arranger and former producer/ songwriter for Tommy Boy records, graduated and taught Music Theory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and obtained his Masters in Music from Duke University. He also conducted for the North Carolina Symphony. "My brother Kent and I have always been around music...I can remember Kent and myself sleeping over in studios from New York to NC as my dad would be up all night recording. My dad trained us! Our days after school would consist of homework, piano lesson and then music education. Dad would always test my brother Kent and I on music we heard or instruments that we became familiar with during the day, then he would play various compositions and ask us to tell him which instruments were being played and what their functions were in the composition. This helped build my vocabulary and appreciation for music."

Now with all the tools, education, and skills to turn the music world upside down Drake is preparing to do just that. With his newly completed album project entitled "Finding Myself," Drake bridges together several sounds and genres of music in what he calls Pop Rock. The album produced/written completely by Drake and Kent, his production partner, has a magnificent studio mastered sound but gives the listener a feeling that he is listening to a live band. "I can identify at least 9 singles off of my album," he says, but his soon to be released single, "The Getaway," combines the mesmerizing and foot tapping sounds of the electric and acoustic guitar and synthesizers. With catchy lyrics and melodies on the hook the single is sure to be an instant success and favorite at Top 40 stations. The follow up single has not been identified, but what is certain is that "Words To Say", "Finding Myself", and "Its Ok", all big records on the album are all epic records and could possibly become timeless records. As the live band prepares for live dates keep a lookout for Drake Murphy on your radio and in your local clubs!